Image Showing A Front View of Cedarfall Pine Farm

Three Pines Farm, a beautiful farm full of heritage huddled in the midst of the north side of Cedar Falls, has a huge red barn cantered on the farm. Situated in the countryside north of Cedar Falls, it has become one of the main identity that shares experience that is both Cultural and the feeling of togetherness. It is a primordial meeting place for friends and acquaintances by attending workshops, some practical classes and also many events conducted here.

Courses conducted at Three Pines Farm

Three Pines Farm is a real treat to Individuals having their second half of the day free and looking to find new friends and also educating themselves with new talents. The whole year renders many workshops and hands-on experience of creative crafting techniques, agrarian talents, local arts, health based and welfare living. The Global Plate, is a series of culinary art form classes that appreciates culinary flavours of numerous cultures along with tales and food recipes of the same. The same food is then served to the attendees over a long conference table to have a meal over a conversation.

The Global Plate is one of the most famous class sessions that go on throughout the year along with other workshops on cake decorating, jewellery making, pastry making, etc. Sessions by guest lecturers, local artists, etc., also take place in the barn.

Experiencing the Essence of Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls with their community and culture is an experience not to be missed while visiting Three Pines Farm as there are many places to see and beautiful urbanity to relish. Shopping, various activities and dining are their main attractions at Downtown Cedar Falls.

  • Drowning oneself in more than 250 flavoured variety of Cupcakes at Scratch Cupcakery
  • Loading up bulk load of candy from Main Street Sweets
  • Fantasising oneself with awesome natural beauty and skin care products from Root
  • Picking children based items from Hatchlings, Hens and Peek-a-boo Baby
  • Finding recycled products in Fig and Frolic
  • Purses from Purse-N-ality for wallet and purse lovers

Above are many of the distinctive and attractive shopping that one can enjoy in Downtown Cedar Falls. Many restaurants such as Montage, Pump Haus Grill, Cup of Joe, Whiskey Road and Noble Oak provides one with a whole list of dining options to choose from.

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