Cedar Falls is a great city founded in the 19th century by William Sturgis. Initially, Its given the name “Sturgis Falls” in remembrance of the family who first settled in there, The Sturgis family. Later it was combined with the cedar city located on the other side of the river, thereby earning the today’s popular name Cedar Falls.

Cedar Falls is located in the Black Hawk County, Lowa.Because of the availability of water power; It has been developed as a milling and industrial Center before the civil war.Now the city boasts of the University of Northern Lowa, a public University. As of 2010, the town consisted of about thirty-nine thousand and odd citizens according to the census.

The Cedarfalls City established the Cultural board and Cedar Fall Arts. It supervises the operations of the City’s Cultural Division.The structure of the Adele Whitenach Davis building around 47,000 square foot.

The mission of the library is to promote education and provide access to all the available resources facilitating lifelong learning.

The Cedar Falls Historical Society has its offices in the Victorian home and Carriage house museum. The History of Cedar falls or the Sturgis falls preserved in five museums, collections, archives and public programmes.

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