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Representing the Midwest of America is Iowa in Cedar Falls where one would find nature filled areas to John Deere Tractors. Iowa is one place where one would be able to experience different activities for all seasons from hiking in summers to skiing in winters. Iowa is believed to be a culture rich and also a children friendly place. Iowa is a place which has some activity for everyone from kids to elders in the family.

Places and Activities that Attract the Young

  • Downtown Cedar Falls

This urban town is draped with beautiful sculptures throughout and is very famous and one of the best Small Art Towns. This town has many historic buildings made of brick lined up in the Main Street with local shops and dining places. Iowa is termed as gem of Midwest America.

  • Hearst Center for the Arts

Artwork by many local and people from around the region of Cedar Falls have been put on display in this Hearst Center for Arts. And there is a special exhibition of art work done by school students during spring season.

  • Cedar Falls Public Library

Story time is the best entertainer for kids and this public library offers story time for kids of all age group from newborns upto five years old all through the week. This will keep them occupied even on a rainy day.

Rod Library – Organic yet Knowledgeable

  • The Rod Library

Teenagers find the Rod Library in University of Northern Iowa a good place to check out with regards to the UNI museum. Ancient history about the Military and the Native American culture and remains of dinosaur can be found displayed in this museum.

  • UNI Botanical Center

The Rod Library also encompasses a beautiful UNI botanical center with many ferns, cacti and tropical plants making it a complete Greenhouse, along with a 1000 gallon pond filled with goldfish.

Cedar Falls Historical Society Victorian House and Museum, Little Red Schoolhouse, Ice House Museum, Hartman Reserve Nature Center, Cedar Valley Trails, Lost Island Waterpark and John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum are a few more places to visit while in Cedar Falls, Iowa to have the most memorable and splendid family time, especially it becoming a good vacation for the kids.

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