Image of Ancient View of Downtown Historic District - Cedarfalls.

Cedar falls a historic country house, and it is known for its architectural beauty. Here you would know about the history of cedar falls.

Cedar Falls –History

Cedar falls an ancient building that belongs to the 17th century. This building was built using red sandstone. It is also called as Watt House. Charles Winter built this historic building which is none other than the ancestor of Sir William. In the year 1902 Cedar falls later came into the hands of Boles family. Several lavish parties were conducted in this house. Lord Baden and Winston Churchill have visited the Cedar Falls . This popular house became the Connaught House School. Winston Churchill was closely connected with it during the year 1951, which was evident when the wholeheartedly accepted to offer prizes to the students at the country house.

The elegant interior works and artistically carved ceilings make the house look splendid. You can find some majestic pillars on the entrance of the building, and it is made up of sandstone available locally. This traditional house was recently renovated with nearly twenty-nine suite rooms. The Ray Smith Group now owns this ancient building of architectural significance. The group took sincere efforts to convert the old country house as a popular spa center.

Cedar Falls-Awards

Ray Smith Group, the current owner of this old traditional house, carried out several renovations works to the country house. The Group received various awards for their restoration work. It is listed below.

They grabbed the Taunton Deane Award for the best design in transforming the ancient and old building.

They also received the Taunton Deane Conservation Award for the breathtaking landscape.

The Electric council awarded BETA award for the first time for the technical efficacy of the restoration work.

The above offers clear insight into the history of Cedar Falls.

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