Skyline of Cedar falls - Lowa.

Things To Know About Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids is famous for many reasons and if you are going to shift there, you are going to find an array of fascinating cultural factors. The history of this city is something that should keep you interested in trying to find out more. Places like The Czech and Slovak Museum add even more diversity to the already multicultural Cedar Rapids.

The Supercool Facts About Cedar Rapids

Offices on an island
Mays Island is a substantially large island in the Cedar River. You’ll be surprised to find out that Cedar Rapids has its municipal offices located on this island. Isn’t that brilliant? The whole thing is marvelous and picturesque. Something as dull and boring as going to a government office becomes interesting because of its location.

Image Showing An Industrial Sector of Cedar Falls.

The population
Cedar Rapids is the second most populated city in Iowa, and Des Moines is the first. Latest figures state that Cedar Rapids is home to 130,000 individuals. So, it is a relatively quiet city without excessive population density.

Birthplace of celebs
Some of the most famous Hollywood actors such as Ashton Kutcher- Two and Half Men star and Elijah Wood from the Lord of The Ring’s franchise were born in Cedar Rapids. Well, isn’t that something?

Expansion is the buzzword
Before moving to Cedar Rapids, you need to know that this city is expanding at a tremendous rate. The situation is such that the urban area of the town is extending to the suburbs. So, if you decide to relocate, you will have plenty of localities from which you can choose.

Muslim communities
A significant population of Lebanese and Syrian Muslims has been living in Cedar Rapids for over a century now. The biggest mosque on the entire continent is also located in Cedar Rapids. So, you can experience substantial cultural diversity in this city.

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