Being built by using the locally available red stone the so-called country house Cedar Falls has been a history maker since 1700’s. People with historical and architectural interest will surely love this wonderful monument which was originally known as Watts House which was built by Sir William Winter. Read on to find this short article to know some facts about Cedar Falls History. Later this house was purchased by Boles family in 1902, and the place has been visited by famous personalities like Sir Winston Churchill and Lord Baden Powell. The latter is best known as the founder of the Scouting movement.

The area around the Cedar Falls has been in use by humans for several centuries. Some of the archaeological findings have proved that this place and the surroundings have been camped by aboriginal people especially in the area Rattlesnake Prairie. In the later part 1890, the engineer Thomson has seen the clear water of Cedar River can be used for drinking as well as generating power.  Taking a clue from this point later he was responsible for constructing a dam in 1899. The river was useful to people in offering adequate water as well as some cost-effective electrical power.

According to local people, Cedar Falls is such a kind of place for people to live a pleasant life. A good community was formed in around the place, and the local workers have received a decent remuneration as well as a free house. The community has its own gym as well as a swimming pool for the surrounding people and for the visitors. Since many of male members started marrying during 1910, the place has become a perfect town filled with numerous loving families as well as many children. Later the place was filled with schools to educate the local children, and slowly the place has become a major town in the Seattle area.

The place is well known for its architectural marvel as it has an elegant and original interior decorated with carved ceilings. The relaxations area contains over thirty suite-bedrooms and the giant pillars at the entrance are also made with sandstone.  The present owner Ray Smith Group has converted this historical place into a premier health spa in the country. Interestingly, the place after these modifications has received innumerable awards from various forums and environmental authorities.

For those who wish a holiday full of peace and tranquility then Somerset has the location for you. Nestled in a bed of acres of private land is the hidden gem of Somerset, Cedar Falls Health Farm. This lovely and good old with numerous bedrooms built with red stone is known to the ideal backdrop for pampering and relaxation. With a range of spa treatments and several leisure facilities including tennis courts, swimming pools, and a golf course, Cedar Falls takes you away from the world of stress and places you in a world of peace, tranquility, and relaxation. As most of the locals moved away from Cedar Falls, the place has become lonely from 1961.

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