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People wish to travel to various places during their summer vacation. You have a lot to explore and enjoy in Waterloo and Cedar valley. The following are some of the must-visit places in Waterloo and Cedar.

Cedar Valley- Tourist Significance

Cedar valley is an incorporated community which is located on the banks of the Cedar River. It is a region that surrounds the Cedar River. This valley is geologically formed during the Devonian period. The valley is known for its popular tourist destinations.

Must-Visit Destinations In Summer

Dan Gable Museum: This is the National Wrestling Hall that features wrestling sport. This wrestling Dan Gable Museum on all days at the weekends. To visit the museum on the weekends, you have to book your appointment.

Arboretum And Botanical Garden: This is one of the beautiful places in Cedar Valley which host thousands of native plants and trees. A lovely display of lilies is the main attraction of this garden. The living sculptures add to the beauty of its landscape.

Two Happy Children Cameout from a water slide.

Bluedorn Science Imaginarium: This is a must-visit inspiring destination for kids to enjoy with various fun activities.

Gallagher Pardon Art Center: You can enjoy the performance of various dancing styles like pop, rock, country, etc. at this art center.

Cedar Valley Camps: You can hang out with your friends and family at the Cedar Valley camps. There are various camp options in and around Cedar Valley.

Natural Trails at Metro and Cedar Valley: You must not miss the natural trailing in Cedar Valley. The bike trail is a unique experience, and it would be the right summer activity. You can also try out water trailing in Cedar valley. These trails offer relaxation to your body and mind. You can also witness beautiful natural scenery during the bike and water trails.

Lost Island-Water Park: This is a popular water park in Cedar Valley. It would be an enjoyable experience to play in the splash of water.

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