Nature Walkway in Cedarfalls Lowa.

Cedar falls an old and ancient country house which is known for its architectural beauty. Cedar falls community has experienced steady developments ever since the 18th century. In Seerley Boulevard of cedar falls, one can witness breathtaking and pleasant pink blossoms at Olive Street and Clay Street. Here you would know about how the landscape of Cedar falls as transformed over the years.

Landscape Transformation Of Cedar Falls-Seerley Boulevard

The Seerley Boulevard of Cedar falls was initially called the 24th street. It was renamed in the year 1943. The landscape with trolley tracks was transformed into the median strip. Later in the year 1948, the median strips were converted into lanes for bus transport in Seerley. In the mid-1950s there were petitions to widen the roads of the Seerley. There were a constant request that the grassy and hard-surfaced strip in between the Olive and walnut to be extended for parking. Two of the citizens of the Cedar falls community strongly objected to this transformation. They were concerned that this would affect the beauty of the grassy strip of Boulevard. Instead, these two people offered alternative advice to widen the street for nearly four feet on each side of the parking. Their advice was accepted, and the grassy median strip was not disturbed.

Adding Beauty To Seerley Boulevard

The Seerley Boulevard of Cedar falls which was known for its vibrant pink flowers continued with several transformations which added up to its beauty. To create a magnificent display during spring, the crabapple trees were planted. It is a flowering tree which was planted along the grassy median of Seerley Boulevard The Cedar falls community maintained this flowering tree with constant trimming. This stunning flowering crabapples tradition exist even today in Cedar Falls.

The above offers a quick overview of the landscape transformation of Seerley Boulevard of Cedar Falls.

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