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Cedar Falls, an ancient country house, is known for its architectural beauty. This traditional country house was built in the state of Lowa. Here you would know about the significance of the building by knowing about its history.

Cedar Falls-Growth

Cedar falls were initially called as Sturgis Falls as William Sturgis, and Erasmus Adams owned it. They were the first people to become the permanent residents of this historic building. The country house was known for its various natural resources like farmland, timber and Cedar River. This made the Cedar falls more popular. Willian Sturgis owned this old Country house as the cedar community was rich in the above resources. In the year 1850, Willian Sturgis sold this community to John, Dempsey Overman and John Barrick. They renamed Sturgis Falls as Cedar Falls.

The community then witnessed several growth. The community with 450 people continued to grow, and there were nearly 1500 people in the year 1860. Thus several developments took place in the 18th century. A post office was established in the Cedar community in the year 1850. A schoolhouse was constructed in the year 1853 due to the popularity of Cedar falls. The Cedar community was well connected with a railroad in the year 1861. In the year 1921, an Interdenominational Bible conference was held as religion greatly influenced the Cedar community. The population of the city continued to grow and witnessed fast growth. Today this ancient community is known for its effective school system and experienced community leaders.

Prominent Landmarks –Cedar Falls

The community witnessed immense developments in the 18th and 19th century. Several famous landmarks were constructed in the Cedar community. An Orphan home for the Civil War Soldiers were built in the year 1863. Later this home was transformed into the University of Northern Lowa. Other notable landmarks of Cedar falls are listed below.

  • Viking Pump
  • Broom Factory
  • Sartori Hospital
  • Overman Park
  • College Hill Park

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