Image Represents An Aerial View of Cedar Falls Town.

Cedar Rapids is a city which is located in Eastern Lowa. This is a city of historical importance. Here you would know about the historical significance and fun facts of Cedar Rapids.

Historic Significance-Cedar Rapid

This is the second-largest city of lowa, and it is situated on the banks of the Cedar River. The city is known for its most exquisite art and culture. Cedar Rapid is the home of various popular historic museum namely Cedar Rapids Museum of Arts, the African American Museum of Iowa and Slovak Museum and Library.

Facts You Must Know About Cedar Rapids

The following are some of the facts that you must know about the city of Cedar Rapids.

The city of Cedar Rapids is located on the banks of the Cedar River. One of the exciting fact about Cedar Rapid is that the government offices are located in the Municipal Island. You can find various cultural and artistic centres in Cedar Rapid. The paramount theatre, the African-American Historical Museum, Cultural Center of Iowa, Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance are some of the centres of the cultural significance of the city. The city is a busy economic hub of the state of eastern Iowa. The city is the leading corn processor. The city is popular for its music, comedy films and Pajama Game. Some of the world-famous figures Grant Wood, an American Gothic painter, William L. Shirer a well-known journalist and Historian, are the residents of the city of Cedar Rapids. Popular photographer and writer Carl Ven Vechten belong to this historic city.

Several popular Hollywood actors Bobby Driscoll, Elijah Wood, Ashton Kutcher, Ron Livingston and Ashton Kutcher are Cedar Rapidians. The city of Cedar Rapid is called with a nickname City of Five Seasons. The city is also the home of popular athletes.

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