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Visiting Cedar Rapids- Things You Can Do

Yes, Cedar Rapids is not a highly sought-after vacation destination, but if you consider its offerings, you wouldn’t want to miss it. A small town with plenty of cultural heritage, lots of good food and natural beauty- these are the ideal elements for holidaying for many people. If you are one of them, you needn’t wait anymore. Pack your bags and head to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and enjoy yourself.

Places You Must Visit in Cedar Rapids

The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library
A trip to Cedar Rapids wouldn’t be complete without spending a day at one of the best museums in the US. The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library will help you find out about all the critical aspects of the Czech and Slovak culture. You can get to know about the events of significant historical importance and the way they shaped the journey of these people.

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The Brucemore Mansion
Few monuments define the history and culture of Cedar Rapids better than The Brucemore Mansion. Three families who contributed significantly to the building of Cedar Rapids lived in this mansion and brought architectural changes as per the era in which they lived.

The Paramount Theatre
Well, if you are lucky enough, you might be present in Cedar Rapids when a fantastic show is taking place at The Paramount Theatre. It is a once in a lifetime experience to visit this iconic theatre and feel the joy of artistic brilliance being displayed on stage.

The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
Spending a day at The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art will be another excellent way to enjoy yourself. Some of the most renowned works of the great artist Grant Wood are on display here, and you can admire their beauty by visiting.

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