Cedar Falls Skyline with tall buildings and bluesky.

A disastrous flood stroked the Cedar Rapids and took off a large portion of infrastructure, business, and homes. It almost robbed everything from the people of the city. But it failed to wreck one thing and that was the spirit of the people.

Infrastructure, Economy Rebound

Many people lost their jobs, houses and their loved ones. They had good reasons to move from the place. But they stood stronger than before and started rebuilding their city with much love and dedication. The commoners came forward and helped the government by supporting every possible way. They looked after each other in times of need and despair and came together as one family.

All thanks to their hard work and unity, the city of Cedar Rapids has seen a growth in their population since the time of floods, the economy being rebounded and the lifestyle has seen a supreme improvement.

View of City in Cedarfalls on a beautiful sunset.

When Livability took out the rankings, Cedar Rapids topped the list for scoring high in high-class luxury homes, variety of affordable apartments, homes, and condos. The people of the city believed in the stable market for housing as they wanted every person to have a roof upon his head. They never experienced a bust or boom like that of which many other cities did.

Active involvement of Citizens

The next best part about the city is it encourages the citizens to be actively involved in the welfare of society. They have also come up in the social media platform, where their queries are answered and interacted.
Cedar Rapids believe in the power of education. The public schools are being recognized nationally and are also the home to one of the best private schools and colleges.

Outstanding educational options

The city enjoys a growing reputation economically by supporting the budding entrepreneurs, great job opportunities and also helpful in the business world. Cedar Rapids knows the true value of quality life of its people.

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