Historic buildings are the pride of any nation. We must do all we can to preserve such important monuments. They represent the rich culture and heritage which makes us proud citizens. Preservation and maintenance of these monuments are being undertaken in a very seriously manner by many architects, including the ones who have worked with major structural architectural firms like Besten. These architects will be able to show you how to effectively restore the buildings, without any compromise on the historical value of the building. Many monuments that have been proclaimed as historically important by www.unesco.org, are on the verge of deterioration. They are now in better shape due to the commendable efforts of such ventures.

Let’s see what is actually meant by maintenance and repair of ancient buildings.
Maintenance And Restoration-What It Means
According to the Conservation Principles of 2008, maintenance is the routine work which is necessary to maintain the fabric of a building in good and proper order. The maximum effort to limit deterioration is to be taken. For this along with the maintenance measures, regular inspections are also required. This helps to ensure that the restoration work is being handled as per the schedule, whilst maintaining all the quality standards prescribed. Proper maintenance at regular intervals has proved to be cost effective and productive. Not only for the building, routine maintenance of historical buildings is absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of the general public and building inhabitants.

When undertaking a maintenance project for a building, the architect will always have to check for repairs first. Only if those are handled accurately, can the rest follow. Ancient buildings will have much restorative work which will include removing the defects due to decay or damage. We have to check the level of damage caused to determine the extent of repairs involved.
We need to ensure that the repairs will fix up the place and make it suitable for regular use. It should be carried out to such an extent that the significance of the building is preserved. The future generations should also have the luck to be proud of such worthy places.
Of course, before taking up any restoration program, as architects, it is necessary to measure the level of success which can be attained in working on a historical building. It is necessary that the place should be in a condition to undergo restorative construction. If under the first assessment, the general opinion of experts is that the building is beyond restoration, serious discussions should be made before proceeding. Only if a building can withstand the pressure of undergoing repairs, would the architect be confident to undertake the project.
There are a number of criteria which has to be passed initially. The heritage value of the building should be weighed up with the total cost and effort involved in the restoration project. Also, the proposed work should be able to retain the original form and purpose of the building. The architectural details of the building have to be maintained in the same pattern as the original creation. This is what helps to maintain the historical value of the place as such.
It is up to the present generation to preserve historical monuments for the rest of the world to value the culture of our nation.

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  1. It is high time that the younger generation understand the importance of historical buildings and maintain them.

  2. I feel lucky that I have born in a generation where I get a chance to witness the historical monuments and busildings around the world.

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