Image Showing Czech and Slovach Museum.

Cedar Rapids is Iowa’s second largest city and a place filled with interesting activities happening all through the year. Cedar Rapids are considered the gem of Midwestern Iowa with Museums and artwork, historic Brucemore Estate, Grand Wood Paintings and many other attractions adorning this place.

Charismatic Places of Cedar Rapids

  • National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library

The National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library, speaks about the heritage stories of Czech and Slovakian culture, their community and their lives. This museum is open all week for tourists to be amazed by the artifacts, existing history and many photographs of the Czech and Slovak clan.

  • Brucemore Estate

The estate was built as a family house in the late 19th century and after that many high-flown families have lived and moved out of the estate mansion. The whole place is a huge 26 acre land which was later given to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Since then this mansion has served as the Community Cultural Hub for domestic and tourists from all around the world to take a tour.

  • Grant Wood painting at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

The Museum of Art was founded in the year 1905 in downtown area near the Cedar Rapids Public Library. This museum renders many outlets for visitors to have both cultural and art based experiences. The Art museum is considered to be having the world’s largest collection from Grant Wood, native of Iowa. A huge property with a much historically conserved Grant Wood Studio, which is maintained by the Art Museum is open for tourist viewing.

Historic Attractions Culminates Cedar Rapids

Iowa Masonic Library and Museum serves as the identification for freemasonry in all of the world. The Masonic library is said to have the biggest collection of books about Masonry.

The African American Museum of Iowa stand to emphasise and explain the already existing African American culture all around the world. It exhibits ancient and historic artifacts from the African American past originating from West Africa to now.

Paramount Theatre is a place that bring history and present together through artistic performances in a grand theatrical experience. It was originally constructed as a place for watching movies and vaudeville performances but now it has been renovated and open for many live shows such as Broadway, community concerts, orchestras, etc.

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