Image Showing Waterloo in Cedarfalls metropolitan area.

A Spring break can be made completely exciting and fun filled for children by taking a tour to Cedar Falls and Waterloo that is situated in the eastern side of Iowa. A must-visit destination.

Attractions at Waterloo

  • Phelps Youth Pavilion

A children’s art museum is one-of-its-kind and a must-view during the visit to Waterloo.

  • John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum

This museum is not only humongous in size but has a number of exhibits which can gives a hands-on experience. It is like a huge classroom for schools looking into having workshops and field visits. All but the tractors can be touched and experienced.

  • Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum and Grout Museum of Science & History

A culmination of five varied museums within a few blocks distance from each other, the Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum and Grout Museum of Science & History museum are situated in the same structure and can be accessed with the same admission card. The Sullivan Brothers museum has more than 35 hands-on and interactive experience while the Grout Museum has only a very few to display. The Former is more oriented towards children and teenage crowd while the latter is more older generation compatible. Natural exhibits and travelogues are highlighted in a grand way.

  • Bluedorn Science Imaginarium

A part of Grout Museum and having more than 30 interactive displays, this place serves best for children looking to play ans spend some hours in a museum. The displays are science principle oriented and demonstrates complete knowledge on subjects and topics learnt in schools.

Knowledge filled Cedar Falls

  • Hartman Reserve Nature Center

A 340 acres of land completely covered in wood is considered the best Natural meeting space for discussion groups and classes. Being a Nature reserve, it displays animals like turtles that are kids-friendly. Mid-summer has the Sugar Shack open for guests to collect some maple tree sap and deliver into the collection bucket and the employees there explain the complete process of making maple syrup.

  • Cedar Falls Historical Society

Little Red School House, Ice House Museum and a Victorian Home culminates the Cedar Falls Historical Society. There are many courses available for students whether be it a group of homeschoolers or a complete classroom bunch. Number of hands-on exhibits have been displayed for children to utilise and learn from. The whole Museum caters to children of all age group where the smaller ones can enjoy playing blocks in the Model Railroad while the elder ones are busy with trying the interactive displays.

Including a small stop over at Cedar Falls and Waterloo will be an attractive entertainer for especially the kids and teenagers.

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