Want to spend your weekend in the most amazing way? Cedar falls will be the best choice. There are a number of Cedar falls activities like trails, pumpkin patches, spectacular sports, fall foliage, Halloween haunts, golfing, etc that are worth the time of yours to spend. The following are some of the activities explained in detail.

  •         Fall Fun: It is a shopping season exclusively available to the customer in the month of September (15-17) with attracting deals of 20 popular businesses and brands in the town. It’s got a fantastic display of exciting products and popular merchandises. Customers are also given special gifts, giveaways, etc. which they win by participating in the various competitions conducted. It is that one day in the entire year on October 15, when all family members come together to enjoy the Fall Family Fun Day. It is exclusively free and comprises of fun-filled activities such as fall-themed, face painting, pumpkin decorating, and activities for children. Another fascinating event conducted here is the Witches walk program which mainly comprises of shopping and exquisite dinning and this happens usually in the month of November every year.
  •         Bicycle Rides: It is an event exclusively open for the diehard bike riders of the town. The participants need to carry their own bikes/bicycles, after which they are allowed to explore the three farms with the help of the Cedar Valley Farm Ride which covers a distance of 37 miles. It usually takes place in the month of September. The ride starts from the National Cattle Congress. In addition to this, there are events like Spooks, Spokes, Sneakers, Cycles, etc. which adds on to more fun. The people participating in these events are provided with food, fun and music in the Gateway Park of the Cedar Falls.
  •         Pumpkin Pathces: One must not miss the chance of visiting the Heartland Farms during the days of September 23 to October 31 for squash, pumpkin and gourds decoration. This family holiday spot have special features like animals, heavy jumping pillows and many more. Punkinator is the most important place which cannot be ignored which is a Family Market Place, beautifully decorated by pumpkin patches on the grounds of Cedar Valley Arboretum and Botanic Gardens which turns out to be the most beautiful site to every tourist who visit the place.
  •         Oktoberfest: It is a celebration which is hosted on September (23-24) at Waverly’s Kohlmann Park. This is an event which is held in the two most popular music localities such as the new shades of Rhythm Amphitheater and Food and the Beverages Garden. It is also conducted on the College Hill of Cedar Falls. This event is unique and peculiar as beer flows down the Lowa craft beer tent along with sausages and pretzels.
  •         Horror Films: People can enjoy and witness some of the best horror films in the month of October every Tuesday at the Hearst Centre for the Arts. Some of the classics which were screened here were Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, etc.

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