Cedar Falls Historical has been the driving force in saving and preserving many important historical buildings in the country.  The current generation is in a rush to win the rat race and this result in letting history be forgotten gradually. This has resulted in several monumental buildings with historical architecture to get lost in the crowd and inevitably be replaced by newer buildings. Although many people state that it is easier to build a new building rather than spend thousands on preserving the old ones, it is a matter of passing on the culture to the next generation.

Old buildings need to be kept around to teach our kids about the country they were born into, and the many sacrifices the people before them have made so that they can enjoy many rights today. Some architectural monuments have even become synonymous with certain cities like the Eiffel Tower for Paris, the Big Ben for London and son.  These monuments add a certain amount of character to these places, and their charms cannot be ignored either.

A reason why Cedar Falls Historical finds it very important in preserving older buildings is that they are quite attractive to tourists. The revenue brought in by these tourists as they come to visit these historical monuments is a huge sum. They also generate more jobs for the locals that result in a better economy for everyone around.

Although constructing a new building might seem more cost effective than sinking in thousands to preserve an old building, it is the more environmentally friendly route. No more how “green” or sustainable the new building is, it will still generate construction waste and use up a lot of resources to get it up and running. So why demolish an old building, when it can serve your purpose without hurting the planet? A decaying old building can be restored to its original beauty by experts in no time and add plenty of charm to your corner of the world.

Once you tear down a historical building, there is no going back. This is why it is of utmost importance to the staff at Cedar Falls Historical that every effort is made to keep monumental and historical building still around us.  There is no way of knowing what the future might bring, so why destroy a bit of history? Once that step is taken, the monument is lost for all eternity. Preserving old building gives a sense of purpose as one strives to preserve the very essences of what the present society is based on. If this sense of purpose did not exist most of the wonderful creations of man over the past centuries would have perished without giving any of us a chance to revel in its greatness. This is why it is of utmost importance that we preserve the old monuments of today.

Historical buildings add a certain charm to a city even if the monuments themselves are famous or not. The residents identify these buildings as a part of their everyday routine and cling to its familiarity. Taking away this from in the name of development is almost cruel.  The sense of heritage that one feels as they look across their city skyline and spot these wondrous old buildings is worth going to the trouble of saving these buildings. Come join us as we save these building from being erased from our cities. Cedar Falls Historical is waiting for you to join this noble mission!